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WEEK 6 2019 

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Saturday 9  February  2019
Saturday -

Friday 8 February 2019
Friday -

Thursday 7 February 2019
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Wednesday 6 February 2019

Wednesday - Cold, with small amounts of snow on the ground in the morning.

Working away on various things in the morning, trying to get back into programming after a disastrously non-productive month of January.

And, around noon, I lost the internet entirely. So I read documentation instead.

Amusingly my friend's son apparently called Frontier about it and got their support person: "Yeah, we know, we're trying to figure it out. CLICK", and they hung up on him. He was offended but I just laughed: that's the sort of obnoxious thing that thing people old enough to remember "Ma Bell" and the other phone monopolies were used to.

Tuesday  5 February 2019
Tuesday - Rain and threatening clouds in the morning

Eventually the rain turned to hail.

In the evening it finally snowed, just a little.  Yay! Go "Polar Vortex" and "Global Warming"!

My brother up near Reno sent me some pictures of his snow - vast quantities, and it's single digit temperatures there, not our 25F.

It's good to have the pellet stove going. 

It went out a couple of times, but I think it's due to the size of the "HEAT'RS" brand pellets - they are often about 1.5" long, and the manual calls for a max length of 0.75". Occasionally the auger will dump a half dozen of these huge pellets into the burn pan and put out the fire. I mixed in some smaller pellets from a different brand and that seems to have solved the problem.

In fact, with the vast amount of ash removed during the repair process it is working and running better than it did!  Much hotter and even cleaner: less ash and less soot even after a days worth of heating.

Monday 4 February 2019
Monday - Rain.

I fiddled a bit with the pellet stove and got it to work. The official silicone hose, which connects the exhaust fan plenum to a back pressure sensor for any flue obstruction, hasn't arrived but I made a temporary fix.

Sunday I had bought a 1 foot extension flue flue pipe which I ran horizontally from the back of the stove to the existing vertical flue. I can now run the stove without it being in the chimney proper - I still need to track down the leak.

(The local pellet store had wanted $59 for the pipe - Lowe's had it for $10).

It seems to be working well, and I enjoy having the cheery little flames.  I'd forgotten how noisy the circulation fan is, but that's just part of having a pellet stove.

Sunday 3 February 2019
Sunday - Cool, but no rain.

CBS had, it turned out, a free stream of Superbowl 53, so I had it on in the background.  It was a real defensive battle, and not all that interesting to me to be honest.  When the stream died about 5 minutes before the end of the game I tried a few time to reconnect, and failed.  I didn't bother to check the score - someone sent me a text an hour or two later that the Pats had won.

I did a bit of shopping in town with S.  To thank A I bought a bunch of Porterhouse steaks for the family at Stater Brothers. I essentially dropped them off at the doorstep, not wanting to get too involved with the plague types...

I reassembled the pellet stove, with the special fan, oiled with the special oil.  Unfortunately I lost (it kind of looks like a cat toy I suspect) the little silicone hose that connected the combuster to a safety switch, and couldn't actually light it.  After going to four separate places to try and buy that type of high temperature hose I just gave up and have ordered it on-line.  Bah.

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Suzy looking out the window
Suzy looking at a cat across the street, 2019.

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