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WEEK 49 2016

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Monday 28 November 2016
Monday - Cool and windy. Another fire in the evening.

I called a client for the District and tried to set up an audit appointment. No call back....

I somehow got sidetracked into putting Microsoft's Visual Studio on the new (did I buy it in March?) Win10 laptop.  This was interesting.  I thought I could put the Xamarin product on there, but apparently not.  Visual Studio Community is the Windows thing, as opposed to Xamarin Studio for OSX. 

It's free, and huge. I mean Presumptive-President-Presumptive-Elect Trump yuggge. There must be two dozen or more supported languages and targets (no FORTRAN though, and, while it was there, F# is not a stripped down FORTRAN, I checked). It took a couple of hours to install, almost install actually, as it choked and died at the last minute on some obscure ****.net run time library issue.  Fortunately my 30+ years of programming experience on a vast variety of mainframes, mini-computer, microcomputers and tablets came to my aid:

 I shut off the PC, then turned it back on and tried installing again from the same download.  And it worked.

So, with all this installation going on I eventually realized that no Windows Updates had been loaded in months! Yay!! I mean Boo!?!?

I guess I mean: WTH?

This is a known issue it turns out.  The answer is to go into the command prompt window (as administrator), shut down the update services, delete vast numbers of partially filled update folders, restart the services and wait for six months + of updates and service packs to download again.  Then apply them. Then reboot.  Then apply the ones that didn't apply the first time. Then reboot. Then download some more and apply them....and reboot...

When done everything seems pretty spiffy.  Except that Task Manager was reporting a single CPU working, for a dual core machine.  This I eventually traced to a messed up TM, as there were in fact two i5 cores and each can hyper-thread; and if you hold your mouth just right and click in the right spot you can see four cores to appear in TM.  Or there's a DOS prompt command one can use. Yay.

Then, on the advice of a friend, I uninstalled the expired version of McAfee, and installed the Windows Defender Antivirus and Firewall (and updates!!!), and MalwareBytes Anti-Malware and finally, since it was free for 'Cyber Monday' their MalwareBytes Anti-Exploits. Yay.

Sooooooo many reboots.......

That said, after battling with it, the bones of the old Windows I know and ....love.... ....is that the word?...despise,loathe?...... show through and I feel a bit more comfortable.

If I was paying a computer tech the labor time would have actually cost more than this Walmart/HP laptop.

Sunday  27 November  2016
Sunday - Cool, windy, and wet. I need to remove the downstairs window a/c unit, it causes a bit of a draft, but am waiting until it's a lot less windy and cold.  That may take a while, so I'll do it next week regardless.

A bit of shopping in the morning.  There were just a few things I needed, what with last weeks shopping and holiday feasts and left-overs.

I also did some clearing out of the fridge - stuff has been building up in there and it needed cleaning out. S gave me a bunch of home-made tamales, so the freezer space was of the utmost importance...

I went ahead and downloaded Xamarin Studio for the Mac.  This is to get access to a C# compiler and Mono for android development.  It is also claimed, by Xamarin (a wholly owned Microsoft subsidiary since this summer), that one can write for IOS as well. Hmmmm. Maybe.

I read five or six chapters in a C# book.  It's very C and C++-ish, which is good.  The book was a bit 'odd', and I finally looked at the publication date - 2002! Almost fifteen years old.  And obviously aimed at the Visual Basic programmers of that time.

Well, languages don't change quickly, and I try to stick to the basic stuff, so it's not really lost time.  I have lots of newer books, and Xamarin has a bunch of on-line tutorials for their stuff.

And I was looking at Powershell on the Win10 laptop (brought up the IDE and did a few small things), and it's very C# derived, so it's all profitable studying.  I think M$ is downplaying VBScript, and even CMD.exe, and going with Powershell as the base shell for Windows 10 in the future.

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Fireplace, late November.
It's nice to have a fireplace.

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