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WEEK 29 2017

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Saturday 22 July 2017
Saturday -

Friday 21 July 2017
Friday -
Thursday 20 July 2017
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Wednesday 19 July 2017

Wednesday - Hot.  Nice in the morning though, almost balmy.

Working on some app stuff, some stars stuff, not much to say there.  Grinding stuff out.

Went by the library, dropped off some books, picked up a couple.

The Code::Blocks IDE works reasonably well.  There was one oddity, where the executable was flagged as inaccessible by Windows.  I'm not sure why - the only unusual thing I did was to open an ascii text file that wasn't code, just to see what it did with it (nothing special).

Nothing I did would allow me to run the executable, edit it, move it, delete it, and so on.   Finally I decided to go to SAFE MODE and delete it. 

Only, with Windows 10, SM doesn't really exist any more.  It used to be a boot time option, if one held down escape or F10 or whatever - no more.  There is a ten or twelve step process, involving a command prompt window, that allows you to enter that mode and then manually set a flag in the registry.  And then you can successfully delete the file.  But now you are stuck in SM, and have to shut down, reboot, and go through the same 12 step process to undo the SM flag in the registry...

I finally bummed a haircut from S.  It was awful trying to work or exercise with sweat building up in it - I'm not sure how I survived my younger days...

I found a very distressed property for sale in Tehachapi, and sent the link to a couple of friends.  One reply was "GREAT FIND!!" and the other was "RED FLAGS EVERYWHERE!!".  Heh.

I am trying to get back on a decent sleep schedule, after the vacation and hot days.  But I was woken up just before midnight by neighbors who decided that it was a great time to drive their four wheeler illegally up and down the neighborhood streets, over and over and around and around.  I yelled at them and they stopped, but I so want out of this town....

Tuesday 18 July 2017
Tuesday - Hot.

I actually remembered to set the trash out. 

Apropos of that: One thing I've noticed lately is the the trash scavenger's have upped their game.  Five or ten years ago we started to get people going through the trash for stuff they could sell to recycle centers.  Usually an old man or woman walking through the neighborhood, with a bag or occasionally a shopping cart.  Now it's younger people, in cars and trucks.  One guy that I saw was just emptying the entirety of the recycle bins into the back of his pickup!

In general the number of homeless and panhandler's has exploded in Lancaster.  They are now on all major corners in intersections here. Here in LA County they've just passed a new tax to generate $350,000,00 for the 'homeless'.  They claim this is to help them, but I suspect it will just act as bait and draw more of them to Southern California.  People respond to incentives...

Apropos of that, I received an unsolicited text from a friend visiting the Midwest (Iowa) this week.  He commented the people there were polite, buttoned-up, and that was was not so much as a gum wrapper on the sidewalk, and absolutely no graffiti...

My brother emailed to say that he'd found a reasonably priced painting contractor, so the Martinez house and eave's will get a nice coat of paint.  He also mentioned some electrical problems, and that the electrician had given him a ridiculous estimate to fix what seemed like a pretty simple problem.  I may head up there at the end of the month and take a look.

Did some minor yard chores, then worked on the app until my hands gave out.

Monday 17 July 2017
Monday - Hot.

Did some work on STARS stuff. 

Last time I talked to Dr. G I had attempted to demonstrate the little conversion code, but it wouldn't run on his laptop, it was 'missing DLL' time. Bah.  Turns out that you have to add a -static flag to the gFortran compiler to make a stand alone executable. 

I remembered that, once it had happened, but it's been a while since I did this stuff.   I'd also, somehow, forgotten to include moments of inertia for beam elements, and since we are using FreeCAD as a preprocessor there was an issue with third point nodes not existing.  Dr. G gently pointed out that we now have available a vector based definition for element coordinate systems, so I didn't need to create a dummy third point node, as I was initially thinking to do.  Yay! 

I used 'pi', 'e', and 'sqrt(2)' as vector components for the dummy STARS output file.  Since the Iy and Iz I inserted are the same, the beam elements are therefore symmetric about the longitudinal axis and any arbitrary vector is fine.  There is a remote chance that the longitudinal axis could be aligned with the vector, but it's a small chance, and really the point is just to make a file that people can view and edit with the standard preprocessor, not a 'real' model.

I downloaded and tried out the Code::Blocks IDE for the gFortran stuff.  I've been using the command line and Vim, but maybe this is better. The syntactical highlighting is nice.

So, I finished that up and (I think) sent him a version via Dropbox.

Did some work on App stuff too. Trying to wrap my brain around the 'game model' routines...

Sunday 16 July 2017
Sunday - Hot.

I went to WinCo in the morning, picked up some groceries.

Afterwards S came by and we loaded the dogs and their paraphernalia into her van, and she took them home.  They like me, but they were ecstatic to see her. I'll miss them, but it's nice to have my back yard to myself for the first time in three weeks.

They, and their bedding, desperately need a bath.

I did a few chores, inside and out, but not much else.

The house is staying reasonably cool. If I don't have occasion to open the garage door for a couple of days it stays a LOT cooler.  This is common sense, but it's surprising how strong the effect is. The temp is perhaps 85F in there, instead of 100F.  Since it's directly under the master bedroom this makes a difference.

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Cayucos Beach
Cayucos looking North. It's a color photo of a gray scale world.

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