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WEEK 17 2017

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Saturday 29  April 2017
Saturday -

Friday 28 April 2017
Friday - Warm, not immensely windy, for a change.

I took the Explorer in for an oil change and tire rotation, and had Scott look at the brake fluid leak issue.  He didn't see any major leaks, but said my rear brakes were down a bit, and would need replacing soon, and that sometimes caused a seep of fluid.

I did a bit of programming, but I'm now getting spasms in my fingers. I want to get out to beta, but this is not a good sign, along with the incipient trigger finger issues...

Helped S assemble her "Little Free Library" on it's new, permanent, posts.  It went together pretty well I think. A bunch of 1/4-20 bolts and nuts, and some 3/8" lag screws.  I guess she's having a 'Grand Re-Opening' next week, with cookies and lemonade.

Cool in the evening.  I need to get some new swamp cooler pads this weekend - I don't need them yet but it won't be long.

Book #19 was Tipping Point, by David Poyer, the sequel to book #18.  Dan and the USS Savo Island try to stop a war between India and Pakistan from getting out of control, then head off to the South China Sea to confront the Chinese. Dan is as big a bad luck magnet as always...

Thursday 27 April 2017
Thursday - Windy.

I mowed the front lawn, which was getting a bit overgrown.  I don't think it's been even two weeks, but it's spring time...

I even have a few flowers out front.

I see the Republican students at Berkeley chickened out at the Antifa threats, and uninvited Ann Coulter.  A 55yo woman, probably 100# in weight, was braver than they were...

Wednesday 26 April 2017

Wednesday - Windy. It actually woke me up in the early am - constant winds at 50mph or so.  Extreme, even for Lancaster.

The C++ books came in, so I went and picked them up.

Still scratching my head about FreeCAD issues.  Sometimes it'll grid, sometimes it won't, sometimes I can assemble a complete FEM package, other times I can't.  Maybe I need the 0.17 "unstable" version..

Tuesday  25 April 2017
Tuesday - Windy again.

Neighbor is "working" on his truck, outside, in a windstorm. I can hear him swearing and banging over the storm, through my closed doors and windows, over the radio...

The cats like to take turns visiting me when I'm working, every half hour or so. I'm going to rename them to

There is, in fact, a new version of Xcode available.  I haven't checked to see if iTunes and iOS are bundled into that...

Monday 24 April 2017
Monday - Windy with high clouds.

Back to work on the app.

The new anime season has started.  Not much stands out - there is a new season of The Eccentric Family, which might be good. Everything else is pretty rote.

I guess gangs of "youths" have started assaulting people on BART in the Bay Area, Oakland specifically.  BART won't even release the video, claiming that the perpetrators 'looked' under age.  Flash mobs, predicted long ago by Larry Niven.

In other news apparently the mayor of Berkeley has been identified as an 'Antifa' member, which explains why the police were prohibited from defending people that showed up for a permitted rally in a park last week from them.

I guess they did ID one of those guys - a college professor from my old junior college, DVC.  Seems he's been going to these protests and clocking people with his bike lock...

This won't end well - someone is going to die on one side or the other.

Sunday 23 April  2017
Sunday - Another warm day.

Some shopping in the morning, minor yard chores, but windy and not really an outside sort of day.  A lot of wind storms have been coming through lately....

I didn't actually do much - trying to let my hands rest a bit, as usual on a weekend.

Book #18 was The Cruiser, by David Poyer.  I hadn't read any of the 'Jonah' Dan Lenson novels in a while.  There must be a couple of dozen of them now.

This one takes place during Gulf War II, when Dan takes command of a cruiser aground in Italy, takes it off Israel, with a crazed XO, a malfunctioning radar system, black mold death, Iraqi misses, Iranian misses, a gale and a snow storm all going on at once...

Anyway, fun light reading, moves right along...

Apparently, in the books I've missed he's (1) been chemically gassed (2) survived a nuclear bomb (3) been set on fire (4) sunk at least once...

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Saddleback Butte
Hi-Vista and Saddleback Butte, looking east from the Poppy Reserve.

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