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WEEK 11 2019 

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Saturday 16  March  2019
Saturday - Cool at night, 68F in the afternoon.

Leg is somewhat better.  I was going to drive into Quartz Hill to pick up some books, but only traveled about half a mile before turning back, still very painful.

I replaced the vanity light in the master bath, which probably dates to the house construction, and was kind of disgusting.  I wanted to lower the new unit, but didn't feel like getting into moving the junction box, so it's an inch or two higher than I'd prefer, in a perfect world.  Good enough.

I looked at the peel-n-stick floor tiles at Lowe's the other day, but they were all pretty terrible.  I think Home Depot has a better selection.  I don't want expensive stuff, that bathroom needs a complete remodel, but the old stuff is dingy, dirty, and missing in spots.  Since I can't spend much time kneeling (sink isn't completely done because of that) there isn't a rush.

Friday 15 March 2019
Friday - Cool at night - freezing - but warm in the afternoons.  I was actually able to open the front door and air the place out. 

The cats were delighted to look out the screen and bask in the direct sun, and with the dog being quiet I could actually leave it open.

I'm feeling a bit better, though I still can't sit down in a chair.  I hung up a hand towel holder in the master bath - I really should have bought two, and started cleaning it up in there.  Finances being what they are it won't be remodeled this year, but I can make it a bit less of a disgrace.

I googled on how to remove the water/copper stains in the tub - paper towels soaked in vinegar was the suggestion, and it worked beautifully! I'll do it again to get some remnants, but it cleared 95% overnight.

Boeing is in trouble for another 737 Max crash.  Early reports suggest a loss of pitch control due to malfunctioning software.  Wow.  Boeing was always pilot-over-computer in the past, it looks like that changed at some point.

Thursday 14 March 2019
Thursday - Cooler.  I actually ran the heat for a bit in the morning.

My leg is killing me.  I really screwed up yesterday.  Had to lay down most of the day, very annoying. I have things to do!

S is down at her conference in Pasadena.  She's going to try to talk to some other app makers while she's there.

NASA's new budget is out.  Aeronautics is down under 3% of the total.  There are individual projects on the space side that get more money than all of aeronautics.  Essentially there is enough money to pay salaries and keep the electricity on at the aeronautics centers, but not do any real projects. Stupid, stupid, stupid.

Wednesday 13 March 2019

Wednesday - Another nice day.

Off to Kaiser in the morning, a follow up on the bursitis thing and a visit to the dermatologist.  Things are OK it seems.

I went to lunch with S, and then did some shopping at Lowe's.  I didn't get home until about 3pm.

The leg was feeling pretty bad by the evening, I guess I overdid it.

Not a peep from the dog - I'm guessing animal control contacted the owner.  I feel a little bad about it, but not much, it was so horribly obnoxious, and the owner obviously wasn't going to do anything after three months.  I tried to handle it the neighborly way, we had a handshake deal, but I guess he didn't take it seriously.

Tuesday 12 March  2019
Tuesday - A pleasant day.

AH called, he was out of propane himself, early, so we went into town and refilled at CostCo.  It was reasonably early, so we were the first in line and finished quickly.

Budd caught mouse #4 in the evening, in the garage.  Nothing in the sticky traps yet.

Monday 11 March 2019
Monday - Cool. Mixed clouds, some rain sprinkles now and then.

I went into town for my dental appointment at 10am (neighbor's dog was barking when I left), but that fell through, unfortunately.  I took the opportunity to do a little bit of shopping for myself, and some mandarins and yogurt and dog food for S, who is still under the weather (technically the dog food is for her pets).

I picked up some sticky mouse traps, though I haven't seen or heard them since Budd caught mouse #3 the other day.

When I came home at 2pm the dog was still barking.

I ran out of propane in the big tank, and am using a little tank.  It seems a little early - 8/9 weeks rather than 10, but it has been very cold. AH said he plans on making a trip to Costco later in the week, so that's fine, I'll do it then with him.

It's time to start on my taxes...

Sunday 10 March 2019
Sunday - Coolish. Mixed clouds.

Neighbors dog barked all day.  Literally, 8am to 4pm.

Book #8 was Fisherman's Bend, by Linda Greenlaw.  It's a murder mystery, set in a fishing village in Maine.  The author has a couple of interesting non-fiction books out, this is her first fiction however and it shows: she's a good writer but the descriptions are a bit overblown, and the dialog stilted.  It wasn't bad, but I don't feel impelled to read another.  I'm not much of a mystery fan, so it takes a lot to hold my interest...

I was reviewing at Swift books online, at Amazon, and on one page it said "You have already purchased this book.".  Apparently I bought two, about this time in March and in May, of 2018.  I have no recollection of doing it, but there they are.  One is a basic tutorial, the other is a Matt Neuberg book, only slightly out of date.

I really wanted to do some chores/repairs around the house, but, since I have to sit in the dentist's chair for an hour tomorrow, forced myself not too.  I don't want to aggravate the bursitis. I am also back to sleeping on the couch, since the bed allowed me to turn over and aggravate it as well.  Bah.

I also need to clear some tumbleweeds that have been accumulating against my fence, to placate the fire abatement people.  These didn't grow on my property but have, rather, blown in from my upwind neighbors.  I don't have many that grow on my property, but I suppose my neighbor downwind gets a few.

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desert squalls 2019
Rain squalls to the east.

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