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WEEK 23 2019 

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Saturday 8 June  2019
Saturday - Hot, into the 90's.  The humidity was nice though, a rare 15% or so.

I took Sam for a mile walk in the morning, she was very very happy. C always walks her: her nails are short from the abrasion of in-town sidewalks and street paving.

I wanted to know who made the house clapboards since I'm painting and have some repairs in mind, so I investigated those that I had seen laying across the rafters up in the garage attic.  It turns out that of the three, only one matched what is on the house, and there is no manufacturer identification or number on the back.  Bah.  It is some sort of pressed fiberboard, textured to look like raised grain wood on one side.  It isn't beveled.

Since it had been sitting there for 30 years it was 3/8th of an inch deep in dust and dirt.  It took a lot of cleaning to examine the entire 10 foot length.

Afterwards, since I was already filthy from cleaning it I took the opportunity to get almost all the rest of the leftover junk out of the rafters - old insulation, boxes, cardboard soffit inserts, steel pipe, plastic pipe, random bits of lumber.  Then I had to user a blower to get most of the dirt out of the garage into the front driveway, and  a hose to wet it down and sweep it off to the side yard, so that it doesn't just blow back into the garage.  I was lucky it wasn't windy, but it was a real mess none the less. What was salvageable I put into one of the containers.

This took five hours, into the early afternoon, then I knocked off. Very tired, arms, shoulders and legs all had a good workout.

I'd received a couple of texts with pictures during the day from my brother, of an old desert ghost town.  My response was that I could see myself living there.  It turns out that it was Calico.  I think I made a very short stop there, many years ago.  He also went by the mine in Boron and took their tour: looks interesting, I've never been.

Friday 7 June 2019
Friday - Hot, in the 90's.

The termite guy texted a half hour before our appointment, said he "was double booked and wouldn't be coming by: did I want to reschedule?".  I didn't even bother to answer - I had seen him use an automatic system on his iPad to schedule it, so it was clear then, and afterwards he had two weeks to get it right.  I guess these are all small time scam artists, doing the minimum, not really the people you want working on your house.

But now what?  I'll look into doing it myself I suppose.

Pretty angry for the rest of the day.

I spent about an hour on the phone with the credit union people, getting my account straightened out.  My money was fine, but they had an opaque and byzantine sign up method for online access - even with the help of tech support it took that long to get it working properly.  I had them send me the HSA sign up information afterwards, I'll look it over this weekend.

Dog and cats are getting along OK. I wonder if they remember Sam, I've dog sat her numerous times?

I guess with most of my friends on the road that my song should be Good Time Charlies Got the Blues.  Though I'm not actually sad or upset, I'm happy for them. Perhaps a bit envious.

Thursday 6 June 2019
Thursday - Hot again.

I did a bunch of first-of-the-month chores: laundry, sweeping, mopping the tile areas, vacuuming all but the master bedroom (where the cats were hiding). I was too tired and busy last weekend to get to them.

C and family came by in mid-afternoon and dropped off Sam.  They are off to Hawaii for a week or so.  Sam remembers me, so that's good. Budd refused to run away, just watched from a safe distance, or from on top of the cat tree.  When it was dinner time he just calmly walked by her, a foot away.

S is off to visit her daughter in SF.  She took the shuttle van - it sounds like a horrible experience from the texts she sent.  I wonder what the airlines will do when automated driving means it is an easy, painless, cheaper and quicker way to go distances below 500 miles?

T is off to Oklahoma with his family shortly.  I sent him a link to "Choctaw Bingo" on YouTube.  Heh.

Went to dinner with A and S at the local Mexican joint, Azteca.  Good food.  I had a beer, second this year...

There was some sort of police activity being shown on the TV behind the bar: looks like the San Gabriel police used a smoke or teargas grenade to get a suspect out of a small house, and set it on fire.  As they knew it would.  Deliberately setting fire to a house to get a suspect is verboten, but a teargas grenade into a small, older, wooden structure works just as well for that purpose and is quite deniable.

Wednesday5 June 2019
Wednesday - Hot.  It was 100F on the front porch at about 2:00.

I finished cleaning up the back yard, put the sun sail back up (though I couldn't find one of the turnbuckles and had to use a spare.  Did various things about the house.  Put the sun screens back on the french doors.

Tuesday 4 June  2019
Tuesday - Hot, into the 90's.

We've had significant vertical development of clouds almost every afternoon, but no rain locally.  Someone said we got a bit the other night, but I didn't notice any signs of it.

Started cleaning up the back yard, in preparation to dog sit a friends pet, starting Thursday night.  It's kind of a mess out there right now. I need to get that sun sail back up, clear some weeds, still.

Apple is having their big shindig.  Lots of new announcements.

It looks like my iPhone 6 is aged out, and won't be supported by the next version of iOS, iOS13.  Well, I bought it four years ago, this July, that's a pretty good run for a smartphone, since it actually debuted the year before that's five years of support by Apple. 

It seems that the on-board chip is an A8, and the current generation would be A12 or A13, faster and more powerful and especially: more on-chip RAM. Oddly the outwardly identical 6S uses an A9 chip and is still supported.

Apparently the only currently produced phones are the XR, XS, and XS-Max.  Verizon, however, is still trying to sell the X at full price, probably has a warehouse of them somewhere. I can pick up an XR for about $450,  for the base model.

Surprisingly my ancient laptop will still be supported by the newest version of OSX.  This is mostly due to the slowness of Intel in producing better hardware and the slowness of Apple in incorporating it.  There is a new Mac Book Pro I believe, but very pricey.

They are doing massive changes to Xcode and UI stuff  :-(

Monday 3 June 2019
Monday - Warm. Up to about 90F.

I did a bit of trim painting, and also a small section of the eaves underside that we hadn't done last week.  Sprayers are sure a lot faster, but the brush does a better job of coverage. The shoulder pain is about the same.

I'd like to start the main house painting, but there is still a great deal of preparation to be completed.

A few weeks ago we had vast numbers of Monarch Butterflies passing through.  Today is was small gnats, who landed and got stuck in the wet paint.

I was exhausted by the time I'd done 5 hours, and pretty much just took the rest of the day off.

I did return some books to the Bookmobile in mid-afternoon.

Dad passed ten years ago today.  Hard to believe it's been that long.  Not a day goes by when I don't think of him, and Mom.

Sunday 2 June 2019
Sunday - Warm again.

Did some shopping with S in the morning, picked up various things.

Mostly just took it easy, did some reading.

Book #23 was Uncompromising Honor, by David Weber.  This is the 19th book in the series. It's interesting enough, for a 19th book in a series, but the huge galaxy wide war is won in a single battle by Harrington, after she gets mad.  A little strange.

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storm cell over the antelope valley
A storm cell over the Antelope Valley.

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